Our Core Values

Bringing the aura of the joint family into the digital age


Enlist with details all registered Residence Council in the state.


Gather and digitally archive data of every member in all registered Residence Council.


Sort the archived date as per: Age, sex, blood group, education, other qualifications, Marital Status etc.

About Us

KSRC objective is to replicate the aura of the joint family into the digital age. One of the main problems in the current residence association structure is the fact that people do not give importance to the micro aspects of life. A gathering during festivities and marriage is as much as people are willing to invest their time in. Also, improper way of communicating to the respected individuals has led to stagnation. But these hurdles had existed in all aspects of social life prior to the innovation in information technologies and social media. When these factors come into play the idea of not being connected becomes a void point.

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