Kerala State Residential Council

The ultimate aim of KSRC would be to instill a sense of social and communal responsibility to each and every citizen by uniting them under the spirit of togetherness.

kerala soft residential software

A community build on such foundation would ultimately stand the test of time and act as a shining beacon of example for all other provinces to take a note of.

kerala soft residential software

Upholding family values and tackling crisis and hurdles while looking out for your fellow man would become second nature and thereby in predicaments of calamity or epidemics the community may act in wholesome.

data bank

Enlist with details all registered Residence Council in the state.

Data archive

Gather and digitally archive data of every member in all registered Residence Council.

data sorting

Sort the archived date as per: Age, sex, blood group, education, other qualifications, Marital Status etc.


Send Notifications to eligible in matters as regards educational loans, medical aids, scholarship.


KSRC objective is to replicate the aura of the joint family into the digital age. One of the main problems in the current residence association structure is the fact that people do not give importance to the micro aspects of life. A gathering during festivities and marriage is as much as people are willing to invest their time in. Also, improper way of communicating to the respected individuals has led to stagnation. But these hurdles had existed in all aspects of social life prior to the innovation in information technologies and social media. When these factors come into play the idea of not being connected becomes a void point.


Enlist of Properties

Members having their own property or rental property can be enlisted.

Medical Supervision

The exact data of members suffering from any sort of illness can be gathered.

BPL and APL Cards

Enlist of BPL & APL card members within the Residence Association.

NRI Notifications

Notifications can be sent to beneficiaries among the about any new policies from the government aimed to help job opportunities abroad.


The need to implement KSRC in the current state of affairs is extremely important.

KSRC Soft merges the existing data such as members' profiles, family charts, and occasions like birth and death with software, prunes them accordingly and transmits them back to online spaces and applications. The information fed onto the server can be accessed via all devices that have built-in internet connectivity such as personal computers, laptops, tablet pcs, and smart phones. The updates of the existing information fed onto the server are timely done in the server itself. The research and development team will regularly monitor the data on the servers and update them duly. That would lead to the cherry-picking of beneficiaries for many schemes, policies,financial assistance, scholarships, health insurance etc. that the government introduces for the welfare of the community.


Shahir Esmail


The need for a project like KSRC is of utmost importance especially in the current abysmal state of our humble state.

Suresh Kumar

Vice Chairman

The very first question I enquired was how it would benefit the woman community of the state and to find out that there is a special wing devoted to woman empowerment itself shows that KSRC has each and every sector fully covered



The pilot venture of KSRC hopes to make the lives of each and every member in a household that much simpler. By having the benefits brought to one’s tips KSRC is definitely the next bold step for the future.



The 100% success rate of KSRC solely depends on each and every responsible citizen of the state. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we work together.


You can always ring us up at


YMCA-south gate,
Statue,Trivandrum - 695001


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